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Philip Search is an award-winning barista, who also owns his very own coffee house nestled in the cozy Pacific Northwest near Portland, Oregon. He is an industry expert who knows the ins and outs of brewing, roasting, running a successful coffee business, understanding customer wants and needs, and supporting and working with coffee farmers.


Philip is a frequent author for various industry publications. His recent articles include, "How Well do You Know Your Grinder?" (Barista Magazine), and "Troubleshooting Extractions," (Freshcup). An avid participant in online coffee forums, Philip is always ready to discuss, analyze, and debate interesting questions and topics related to coffee brewing, buying, roasting or selling.


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...How well you operate your grinder, how well you work it, or it works you, will affect not only the particle size of the grind, but also the shape of the particles, the speed of grinding, the amount of heat transferred, the static imparted, and the clumping of granules. It will affect the life of the burr set, the life of the grinder as a whole, as well as the life of your arm, wrist and shoulder. In turn, these affect the quality of the coffee you produce and the ease with which it is made....


Robert Burgess, industry expert since 1984, was the source of the following articles.

Robert Burgess is the owner and founder of the Seattle Barista Academy and the owner of Burgess Enterprises. Bob has trained thousands of coffee shop espresso drive-throughs and coffee cart professionals for over 22 years. Click on the article link to read more about Bob's experience.

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By Eric Torbenson P-I Reporter, Tuesday, August 11, 1992  Section: Business, Page: B4

They may scoff at American cars, but the Japanese apparently can't get enough of Seattle-style latte served from a cart.

After a year and a half of planning, two Seattle companies - Burgess Enterprises and Strictly Seattle Ltd. - this summer introduced espresso carts to the world's third-largest coffee market.

Burgess supplied the top-of-the-line carts and espresso machines, while Strictly Seattle cultivated the business relationships required to sell anything in the sensitive Japanese market.


March 8, 1992

Howard Berkson won't fill your tires, and he won't clean your windshield. But from his cart between the gasoline pumps at a BP station, next to a display of Quality motor oils, he'll concoct a caffe latte that should keep your motor revving until lunchtime.

Yup, this is Seattle, once known for its quality of life, rainy skies and the Space Needle. Now famous for - more than anything else - upscale coffee drinks.


From the outside, the headquarters of Burgess Enterprises... a manufacturer, importer, and distributor of commercial coffee paraphernelia, looks much the same as it did decades ago, when Ray and Dorothy Burgess set up shop in a small office in a plain, two-story building in south Seattle.

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