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The Seattle Barista Academy, located in Tukwila, WA, is your source for Professional Barista Training. We offer espresso training classes with hands-on experience in grinding coffee, steaming, extraction, drink fabrication, latte art, barista training with barista certification, and education materials and CDs.

Experience the best in espresso education with hands-on training using professional espresso equipment. Learn to make a latte, cappuccino, macchiato, or mocha drink from start to finish. Differentiate yourself from your competition with latte art, etching, and other coffee presentation techniques.


Our espresso coffee education classes and coffee consulting services are a must for the new coffee shop startup as well as for the experienced operator who wants to fine tune and update their coffee shop experience. In all of our classes we share cutting edge concepts that the elite coffee shops are currently using to grow their businesses and can make a major difference in your operational success.


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In the News
Seattle Barista Academy in Finland
in Finnish -  Starts from about 5:30

The food Network is airing the filming of Lorrie Mahieu, Seattle Barista Instructor/Barista, on January 1st at 11:30 PM (Eastern/Pacific). We urge you to check it out. Can't catch it then? Check back on January 2nd at 2:30 AM (Eastern/Pacific) or January 18th at 9:00 PM (Eastern/Pacific). The show is "Unwrapped" and the topic is Black and White. Lorrie demonstrates how to pour latte art.   Read More...


Seattle Barista Academy baristas were instrumental in the fabrication of coffee art for the 30 second ad highlighting the product: 'Commit', a lozenge that tastes like a cappuccino espresso.


Philip Search, the director of Barista training at the Seattle Barista Academy acted as a consultant for the new coffee exhibit at the Burke Museum in Seattle, Washington.   

Lorrie McCullaugh from the Seattle Barista Academy is interviewed and filmed for an upcomming segment from the Food Network show "Unwrapped". The show highlights 'latte art' and Lorrie instructs a student on how to make several basic images including the heart and rosetta.   

Ten Reasons why the new coffee shop owner should attend the Seattle Barista Academy

  1. Because you - the most valuable asset in your business – need to invest in your Coffee knowledge and skill - to be a successful coffee shop owner.

  2. Because we know that our graduates save and earn up to $60,000 more the first year after attending the Academy.

  3. Because whether you are a coffee shop owner, manager, or barista you want to maximize and grow sales and business profits.

  4. Because to learn from the successes and mistakes of others is less expensive in the long run than learning at your own expense.

  5. Because you want to enhance your overall coffee experience and that of your customers.

  6. Because by gaining knowledge through hands on training at the SBA you will build loyal customers and staff.

  7. Because you want to create the best service for you customers.

  8. Because our Seattle Barista Graduates consistently give our training five star ratings.

  9. Because coming to Seattle - the Coffee Capital of the United States - to train and to experience the coffee culture is like going to Paris to see the art or Holland to see the flowers….simply wonderful.

  10. Because we are so convinced that you will by happy with your training at the Seattle Barista Academy that if you are not - your money will be refunded in full. How’s that for confidence in our educational product.

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Certified Professional Courses

Barista Fundamentals, Gaining Command of the Variables - 2 day .
This course covers the fundamentals including cupping and palate development; seed to cup chain; bean grinding; milk theory and milk steaming; espresso theory; extraction and profiling; and the basics of equipment maintenance; as well as work flow/ergonomics coupled with a visit to a coffee shop to observe and see in action what has been learned in the training. For pricing and registration .
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Barista Fundamentals plus Drink Building Package - 3 day
This course continues to build on skills learned in days one and two and introduces hot and cold espresso beverage preparation and presentation including latte art and etching.
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Barista Fundamentals plus Development of the coffee house menu: brewed coffee, tea, and other beverages - 4 day
This course continues the skills building of days one through three and also includes brewed coffee and whole bean sales; tea tasting and brewing; menu building and the psychology of its development; information about coffee roasting, profiles, and sourcing; and creating signature beverages.
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Barista Fundamentals plus Drink building and Coffee Business Consulting Package - 5 day
The new coffee shop owner will find this training indispensable! This course offers all of the above plus a full day of business consultation covering staffing issues (e.g. hiring, training), development or review of your business plan and concept review, and methods of marketing (creating a satisfied and happy customer).
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Weekend Fundamentals Class
This course is an intensified weekend course covering Barista Fundamentals, Drink building, and Latte art. The class is limited to five people to ensure a quality experience.
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Weekend Barista Fundamentals: Gaining Command of the Variables (1 day) -
Weekend Barista Fundamentals: Gaining Command of the Variables (1 day) This course is a one day intensive barista skills class that covers the fundamentals, including seed to cup education, palate development, bean grinding, dosage techniques, coffee distribution, leveling and tamping; using scales to dial in the ideal espresso shot, espresso theory, extraction and profiling; milk theory, milk steaming and latte' art and the basics of equipment maintenance; as well as the work flow and ergonomics. You will have the experience of working with commercial espresso grinders and espresso machines.
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Corporate Training Course: Corporate Excellence Program
This two to three day customized structured program is tailored to focus on the specific needs of the individual corporate client and provides real hands on knowledge of the espresso coffee market. The course encompasses the basics of fundamental barista training with a focus on how each corporation’s supplies and products are used, perceived, and influenced by each tier of the espresso coffee industry.

Take this program to:
a. Be able to communicate clearly to your clients using industry specific terminology
b. Better understand the specific needs of your clients and the realities of the current coffee market
c. Promote team building within your corporation
d. Learn the fundamental barista skills necessary to demonstrate a knowledge of espresso preparation to your clients
e. Create an environment for the development of better and more focused products

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Home Barista Courses
- Milk Steaming & Latte Art
In this 3-hour course, you will master the fundamentals of pouring a heart, rosetta, or your own ‘special art form’ to take home and practice! This class is designed for beginning and intermediate baristas wishing to gain more control of their skill set using milk theory and steaming for ideal beverage presentation. Learn about the unique relationship between espresso and milk and how professional baristas use this relationship to pour delightful latte art. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and  understanding to put into practice all the skills learned on our commercial equipment. Our class is limited to five students so that everyone receives plenty of hands-on instruction and is on a first-come first-serve basis. To register, please click the link below or call us at 206-612-8030.
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Home Barista Course: Espresso Extraction, Milk Steaming and Latte Art
You've taken the first step and purchased a home espresso machine. You've talked with the baristas at your local coffee shop, done research online, and found an espresso blend you really like. Now you have your friends over for dinner, and you're about to wow them with some wonderful espresso shots. But instead of great espresso, the shots you are pulling don't taste nearly as good as the ones you remember having at the coffee shop. What to do? In this 3 hour course, you will learn the basics of espresso and espresso extraction. Topics include: how to extract espresso and diagnose taste problems, how to steam milk properly with tips and recipes for competition quality espresso beverages, and machine maintenance. The course offers a hands-on experience using several popular home machines and grinders.     

Special Pricing (Over 50% off tuition!)
For 1 person- enter the promo code "HOME1" at checkout
For 2 people- enter the promo code "HOME2" at checkout
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Training and Consulting

Training at Your Location
The Seattle Barista Academy offers on site customized training programs for the new coffee shop owner. These programs can be tailored for training you and your staff in:

  • Professional barista techniques and drink building to ensure that all your drinks are presented to your customers with consistent high quality.

  • Customer service methods that will delight your patrons and set your store apart from your competition.

  • Work flow efficiency and order processing to maximize sales.

  • Opening and Closing procedures to ensure that your shop is always looking good and ready for the next morning.

  • Vender management, inventory control and cash management to enhance profitability.

Learn more or Contact Us for Pricing

New Business Consulting Services
Preparation and planning of your new specialty coffee business will increase your odds of success and help you to avoid costly mistakes that will save you investment dollars and operational inefficiencies.  Our talented team of seasoned professionals can help you achieve your vision, from concept to opening day and beyond.

Learn more or Contact Us for Pricing

Custom Consulting Packages

Our consulting packages are designed to give you the tools you need to fit with your individual business needs. The Seattle Barista Academy customizes coffee consulting for your long term success. We work to give your business the knowledge and skills necessary to enjoy a profitable, and exciting place in the coffee industry.

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What are customers saying about us?...

Teresa Chaulk
It was a wonderful learning experience - I went in Tabula Rasa and came out with a wealth of knowledge - The instructor was excellent; the staff was wonderful and helpful; I signed up for the five day course and each night I wondered what more could I learn - there was always more to learn. Day three was the tour of Seattle coffee shops it was the highlight for me for two reasons: 1) I have never been to Seattle and 2) I was fortunate enough to meet Howard Schultz. I recommend this training to anyone a weekend or a week it will be GREAT


Ethan Page

Just had a great training class for all of my baristas. I had contacted the owner about classes and informed him that my shop was in Hawaii. I had the idea of flying to Seattle to train myself and to pass on what I learned to my staff. Robert mentioned he had someone on vacation in Hawaii and suggested that he try and arrange a training at our shop.This was a marvelous idea and it worked out splendidly. The trainer Cabell showed up and really helped my staff and me out.Super knowledgeable, nice personality and really showed everyone how to properly make drinks and better yet that they should Care about what they serve . The best part about him coming to our shop was he had so many pointers and suggestions about work flow, proper glassware, menu streamlining and pricing.Just such a valuable resource. The day after we finished training (and Im not making this up)We started getting rave reviews about the quality of our drinks.From the customers in our shop to comments on social media. The staff now has a true eye for detail and a better understanding of coffee and what it takes to make good coffee


Heather Singleton

 I took the 4 day course and loved it!. The information was excellent, the techniques taught have me preparing professional quality drinks and their teaching methods really helped me to absorb the information. This course also helps identify and teach realistic business applications for those interested in going into business or expanding their existing business. It's a complete hands-on experience and I am a better barista for having attended. Additionally, the owner Robert Burgess (Bob) is hilarious, and an all around wealth of knowledge. Bob's knowledge of all aspects of the coffee world, including but not limited to marketing, products, machines, initial start-up, beans, wholesales, etc. is mind blowing. If you're in need of a true professionals expertise, Bob is your guy. I recommend this course to anyone. Thank you Seattle Barista Academy.



 Carol Killingsworth
I signed up for a 3 1/2 hour weekend class as I wanted to learn how to consistently make great espresso at home. Each participant had a dedicated espresso machine and our superb instructor Alexa walked us through every step. We learned how to figure out the reason that any shot was less than stellar and then to find our way to making terrific espresso. Alexa's knowledge was amazing to me - who knew there were so many variables to making great espresso drinks and that we novices could manage them? The very next morning at home, using all my usual hardware, I made the best espresso ever. I can't recommend this training highly enough



Jinai A
 I took the Seattle Barista Academy 4 days training course starting from Jan. 12, 2015. I have two goals when entering the class: learning basic barista skills to understand the working flow in the coffee shop, and gain any knowledge of roastery business on which I want to build up my startup. After the 4 days’ class, I would say I completely accomplished the goal with the tremendous helps from trainer Alexa and Owner Robert/Bob. A couple of things I think SBA (Seattle Barista Academy) does pretty well: 1) In the morning of day 1, before anything starts, the owner Bob held a session to ask each individual student for what goals we want to target via coming to the school. Based on that, all the following training and business consultings are highly crafted to our special needs. 2) Small class training. For the 4 or 5 days class, the class size is limited to less than 7 people. For our sessions, there were me and the other student travelling out of town. Because of the smaller size, the class could be catered better to our needs, and also we have enough time to practice the skills to pull a perfect espresso shot, which does require a lot of time to find your own perfect procedure. 3) Since the owner Robert is extremely experienced in the coffee industry, when it’s time to the business sector of the class, he gave you very detailed guideline of opening your specific business and even the cost breakdown list and to-dos timeline. This is super helpful from a expertise in the industry to give you step-by-step guidance to help you jump start quickly. Overall, this is a great experience, if you leave in the Seattle area and want to jump start your coffee related business, no matter it’s a coffee drive through, coffee shops or coffee cart, give Seattle Barista Academy a try. Even you’re travelling from out of town, I bet the stuff you learned from the school totally worth the flight tickets you pay. 5 stars recommendation to Seattle Barista Academy.



The overall experience was fantastic. There was lots of hands on experience with the instructors. The explanations, charts, and diagrams were very helpful. I would definitely recommend this course to my peers. ………Home Espresso Barista Training Program…..Joyce Lam




What motivated me to take the course is that I wanted to learn how to get better shots from my home espresso machine. I would rate the overall experience as great. I greatly benefited from the instruction. After completing the course my skills aren’t perfect yet, but now I know what I need to work on. The instructor was very personable and I felt very comfortable in asking questions and requesting help. This is a course I would definitely recommend………Travis Miller




I attended because of my desire to better my espresso and latte art and to take my skills to the next level. The course was great…lots of hands on practice…..and there was individual feedback on color, composition, and espresso taste from the experts. This is exactly what I was looking for in for….its hard to find that kind of experience/feedback
Stephanie Stone






I wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful experience I had taking your 5 day Barista course! 
Entering into the course with no experience or knowledge of the coffee world, I was quite nervous, and worried that I wouldn't "get it", but after the first day with Sauro I felt very much at ease. The information you taught was easy to understand and Sauro was so patient with me while learning the hands on portion that I felt very comfortable but more importantly, he allowed me to feel that I was capable.
I just wanted to reach out to you, and express my gratitude and tell you how happy I am that I chose Seattle Barista Academy for my training. I would recommend your school to anyone I knew who wanted the type of quality training that you provided to me.
I now feel that I have all of the necessary tools to move forward into my new business and become a successful coffee shop owner!
If you are ever on the east coast, please come check out my shop and see for yourself the results of the training that you provided me with!
Take care and hope to see you again:)
Sincerely,  -
Liz Cellucci