Gourmet Micro Roasters
Truly exotic, guaranteed to give you a pleasurable experience.  All coffees are not roasted until you place your order to guarantee freshness and shipped within 24 hours to be at their peak performance. All of these roasters are micro-roasters who take great care in their preparation, blending, and roasting process. An immediate and fresh, unique coffee experience to enjoy in the pleasure of your home or to sell in your coffee shop. For information on ordering coffee from the specialty roasters below, please Contact the Seattle Barista Academy.
List of Roasters

Sleepless Coffee
Sleepless Coffee, 'We're all about the Perfect Cup.' Our coffee is small batch roasted for fresh flavor. Taste the difference.

Shenandoah Joe

Established in 1993, Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters is a small batch roastery. Owned by David and Kristi Fafara, David is our roast master and resident coffee fanatic.

Cottonwood Roastery will offer extraordinary coffees that have been grown in an environmentally and socially responsible manner, while delivering a customer experience that is consistently beyond expectations. Moreover, we will have fun doing it.

Mutiny! Coffee Roasters
Its off the Hook!
Mutiny! against the standards of mediocrity. From building direct relationships with coffee farmers and importers, to craft roasting our beans in traditional, artisan methods. We do our best in presenting you with an artistic expression of what’s excellent in our craft. Our coffees are roasted in such a way as to highlight the flavors of the Terroir (/terwar/, country of origin, soil, growing conditions), and hopefully bring to light the skills of the farmer, and the entire seed-to-cup chain.